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Without Measure is a performance and research project which places dance in relation to wetlands and the migration of wildfowl. As a project it is building an archive of sound, writings and movement practises alongside the creation of public performances. Their themes are the migration of birds, pilgrimage and the roles of air and water in our shared life on earth. A dance style that is both simple and profound, with echoes of journeying and enquiry.



Alexandra Howard (artistic director) trained at The London Contemporary Dance School and as an apprentice with Carolyn Carlson at the Paris Opera. She has created and performed many dance works including Lightdance, (Purcell Room, London South Bank Centre, Brno, Czech Republic), Of Plants and Personalities and Hot Border (Bristol Botanic Gardens) and The Fugitive Gaze (WWT Slimbridge, UK). She was a visiting lecturer at the London School of Contemporary Dance from 2008 to 2014.


Without Measure collaborates with professional dancers and musicians working regularly in many countries in Europe with a common meeting ground in London, UK.

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